Keel steel roll forming machine

Keel steel roll forming machine with a small dimension, easy to transport. The speed can be up to 60m/min. With the transmission, so the working will be more stable. We can also supply the customized machines. The finished products are widely used in decoration, interior decoration, etc.

Take some drawing profile of keel steel

keel/truss keel

Process Flow of Keel Steel Roll Forming Machine

Uncoiler ---- Feeding --- Leveling ---Roll Forming  --- Punching --- Cutting --- Run Out Table

Parameters of keel steel roll forming machine

Size: 5500х1200х1400Weight t: 2.4 tons

Voltage:380V/50HZ3Phase(as customer’s request)

Roller fixer : Guide column

Frame : Memorial arch frame type

Frame thickness:25mm

Drive mode: gear

Material of rollers: GCr12MoV

Material of shafts: 45# steel with tempering

Diameter of shafts: φ50mm

Number of rollers :12 rollers

Main power: 7.5kw
Cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer

keel/truss steel roll forming machine

Advantages and features:

1) Installation is quick: the light weight composite panels, installation and splicing can be arbitrarily cutting characteristics, determine its simple installation, can greatly improve efficiency, save construction period.

2) High strength: high strength steel for the substrate (tensile tensile strength 5600KG / CM) coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming, with excellent structural properties.

If you want to know more detail information about the keel/truss steel roll forming machine, please feel free to contact with us at any time. We also have other roll forming machines, you can contact with us directly if you have the requirements.