Metal frame surface treatment method

Metal frame surface treatment method

Strut channels ceiling materials is a common, easy to install, the quality of light, disassembly is relatively easy, so popular. We usually see the products are surface-treated, purpose of doing so is to rust and corrosion, so, what are the specific way to do that, let the light steel keel equipment manufacturers to let you know it.

Strut channels because of the use of the environment, it accordingly antiseptic and fireproof treatment is necessary. The first method is spraying, this method is relatively simple, we ourselves can operate as long as the tools to prepare and spray material, you can make embalming fluid, can also be a fire spray, spray the product that is repeated can. Of course, not to say that the spray thicker the better, too thick will increase the weight, it is not good. Another way is to soak this method is generally not suitable for home use or construction units, operations are carried out metal frame manufacturers, products are available on the market after this treatment.
No matter what kind of surface treatment, metal frame are need maintenance, not surface-treated can be absolutely guaranteed not to rust and corrosion, light steel keel equipment manufacturers says

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