Molding process cold roll forming machine

Molding process cold roll forming machine

Cold-formed profiles molding process similar to the bending process, it is not a pure rolling process, but special production methods. In this method of manufacturing out of thin wall sections, low weight, but stiffness, shape is very complex, large length. Cold-formed profile production equipment is the main roll forming unit, a variety of classification methods. Molding machine according to the production of products can be divided into sections forming machines and pipe welding machine; can be divided according to type of rack cantilever forming machines and gantry machine; made by forming mechanism can be divided into roll forming machine, roll row forming machines and crawler molding machine.

roof cold roll forming machine

Horizontal Roller is gearing frame, bear the primary task of tube deformation. Edger is passive, established in two horizontal rollers or between a group set up, the main role is to guide, also involved in part deformation and prevents deformation of the strip rebound.

Roll cold forming process:
When the metal strip passes through the hole when the number of the type of roller, with rotating roller strip feed forward while being continuously curved, so that the desired cross-sectional shape of the workpiece. Visible, roll forming is a continuous bending molding method. Strip at the entrance rollers began to produce bending deformation, and at the same time moved forward, when it reaches the roller center of the section 4, the end of the molding of the second pair of rollers in and out the rollers, and then enter a third pair of rollers.

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Roll cold forming is followed by the full-length strip pass through several different local bending deformation gradually, the whole cross-sectional shape gradually approaching the finished sectional shape of the final plastic working to obtain full length uniform cross-section of the product. Pass by two or more of a certain shape of the forming roll (also known as roller, roller) outline enclosed, roll forming rolls may be horizontal or vertical rolling. Pass is one of the important factors affecting product quality and productivity. Forming rolls mounted on the frame, is responsible for driving the strip along the forming roll by a motor driven by the drive system, generally only the horizontal roller is a drive roller, vertical roll is often driven roller. Each stand called a molding machine, each frame molding machine equipped with two or more forming rollers, each row forming unit consists of two or more machine components

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