Omega roll forming machine

Omega roll forming machine is for making omega channel in batch, in ceiling and drywall making. Omega channel is the weight bearing channel, so normally we will design with dotting.  This device uses a high level of color steel automatic control software, production information management. The entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network, automation systems and better performance.

Check the profile and finished products

omega profilehat shaped furring channel

Omega roll forming machine cutter portion is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to move up and down the tool, you can put steel cut off. Corrugated steel sheet Roll forming machine production process is as follows: steel roller into the molded part after molding to-pressure part, pressed into an equidistant one, the cutter is responsible for cutting to length.

Parameters of omega roll forming machine

Voltage:380V/50HZ3Phase(as customer’s request)

Roller fixer : Guide column
Frame : middle plate welded

Memorial arch frame type
Frame thickness:25mm

Drive mode: gear
Material of rollers: GCr12MoV

Material of shafts: 40Cr steel with tempering

Diameter of shafts: φ40mm

Number of rollers for omega :11 rollers

Main power: 3kw

omega roll forming machine

Features of omega roll forming machine

1. Heat treatment: Heat treatment for cutting frame to remove the steel stress, to avoid deformation.

2. Cutter blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, long life time.

3. High precision: shafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine at least twice.