Quality light gauge steel

Quality light gauge steel

1, The quality of high-quality steel strip;
2, Light steel keel forming equipment;
3, The thickness of the light steel keel strip;
4, The double-sided galvanized quantity of light steel keel;
5, The appearance of quality;
Quality light gauge steel
Appearance quality Light steel keel shape should be smooth, clear edges and corners, not allowed to affect the use of incision and deformation. Galvanized layer must not have skin, tumor, loss and other defects. The appearance of quality inspection, should be 0.5m away from the product at the bright light conditions, the visual inspection. Light steel keel surface should be galvanized anti-rust, the double-sided galvanized: excellent product is not less than 120g / m * m, first-class goods is not less than 100g / m * m, qualified products not less than 80g / m * m.


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