rolling shutter machine manufacturer

rolling shutter machine manufacturer

Equipment technique requirement:
Equipment floor space: 23×3.0×2.5(L×W×H)meter.
Equipment feeding material the orientation: The left side enter and right leave.
Voltage: 380V,50Hz,3phase.
Hydraulic oil : NO: .46#
Gear oil: 18# Hypoid dear oil
Equipment main technical parameters:
Raw material width: around 196 mm
Material thickness: G.I=0.7~1.2mm
Material: Galvanized and stainless sheet
Production speed: around 6M/min
Production length: ≥3000mm
Equipment total installed capacity: Around 20KW.
Roll forming production scope
This rollforming machine can be make the thickness from 0.8mm to 1.2mm
Parameters of main equipment:
1 - De-coiler
Material width:≤250 mm, Material thickness≤2.0mm;
Inner diameter:480-520 mm;
Outer diamete:φ1200mm;
Max. Load capacity:≤2T
2 - Leveling system
Use 9 roller leveling,
Power 2.2 kW,
Speed: 10M/min

3 - Servo feeding system
BNC-30Technical parameters:
The feed shaft diameter:φ60mm
Measuring diameter of shaft:φ60mm
Maximum feed plate of width:≤300mm
Maximum feed plate of thickness:≤2.5mm
Maximum feed speed:≤40m/min
Feeding and blanking step length tolerance:±0.20mm
Feed products overall length tolerance:±0.25mm
Servo motor power/brand:1.3KW/Japan Yaskawa
TransmissionSynchronous wheel / gear
Length measuring encoder: ROUNDSS 2500P
4- Notching, punching hole and cutting
Structure: hydraulic punching structure,the welded steel frame, has good inflexibility
First notching dies: 2 sets
First punching die:1 set
After forming notching dies:2 sets
After forming cutting die:1set
5 - Main rollforming machine
Forming steps:14 group
Forming framework: use the wall type side plategear drive
Side wall thickness:25mm
Max material width:≤196mm
Min material thickness:0.7mm
The roll shaft diameter:φ48 mm
Roller material:Cr12MoV,the quenching hardness,HRC58-62°
Use of double bearing design, bearing type 6208
The main drive motor uses 5.5kw frequency conversion motor.


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