seamless gutter machine

Seamless gutter machine

Gutters are a vital part of your homes’ exterior as it channels rainwater away from your home. By directing the water in a controlled manner, gutters minimize or eliminate flooding and standing water around the foundation, and keep the rain from splashing and staining the outer wall. Seamless guttter is used widely. I will show you more details about the seamless gutter machine.
1.water gutter machine
2.operation is easy
3.running is steady and reliable purlin machine changing mould
roduct Description
The chart of process flow:
Decoilingactive feedingroll formingmeasuring lengthcutting to lengthproduct to stand
Main equipment:
Decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic systerm, electric systerm

seamless gutter machine

Processing Material Colored steel plate, galvanized plate, or aluminium plate
Thickness of sheet Processing thickness of plate: 0.3--0.8MM
Equipment operation Automatically
Voltage According to customer's request
Material width 12m
Productivity 8-15m/min
Material of Rollers 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
Material of shafts 45# steel, with heat treatment and surface is being hard chromed
Diameter of shafts 80mm
Number of rollers 16-18rollers
Total Power 4KW+4KW
Working accuracy 10m±2mm
Roller fixer Wall Board
Frame 300H steel
Cutting System Hydraulic mould Cutting
Operating language Chinese, English, Russian
PLC Brand Delta, Mitsubishi,Siemens,Panasonic
Packing In nude, with waterproof cloth and stow-wood
The computer controlled cabinet is packed with waterproof cloth and box.

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