Z purlin roll forming machine

Z purlin roll forming machine
Z purlin are made from hot/cold rolled steel strips,and straightened,hole punched,cut to length,and roll formed by z purlin roll forming machine. Through changing, this product line can make the change of different size of z purlin,This change for shape and sizes of z purlin can be realized by automatic purlin machine, also can be realized by manual type which are change the size by replace the sleeves.
Z purlin roll forming machine
Z purlin roll forming machine consists of uncoiling system,straightening system,hole punching system,shearing system,roll forming system,products support table,hydraulic system,automatic controlling system,and so on. It’s a high efficiency equipment of making purlin,which is suitable for current enterprises.
Z purlin roll forming machine 1
Z purlin machine pictures for reference:
How to change the sizes:
Z purlin roll forming machine1
Z purlin machine can produce different sizes of profile as you want,realized by replace the sleeves by hand(as the picture),one time to change the sleeves need take about two hours.
The advantage of this purlin machine: highly cost effective and the price is favorable.
We are professional manufacture for the c z purlin roll forming machine sinze 1996,purlin machine has been a very matured and hot sale product in our company, we shipped it to many countries. For our roll forming purlin machine, we use the quality enough high hardness material for the shaft and rollers, with the standard craft for the shaft and roller, and strong cast steel frame instead of the steel, maked our machine more strong and longlife use.
Here are standard drawing of C Z purlin:
We can custom made the machine according to customer’s requiment.