Home improvement ceiling “face project” should be considered good anti-cracking should use light steel keel

For instance in the building all round condole 10 centimeters wide, 10-18 centimeters tall 2 class top, hide inside the lamplight that irradiates upward, and intermediate place maintains former tall, can use light blue coating to brush the top, can make the top surface appears more hollandly tall so far, still can enrich the level of the top surface.
In addition to the height of the floor, personalized ceiling modeling is also easy to become one of the mistakes, some owners choose glass, mirror and other materials, let the ceiling become a place of hidden dirt, bring difficulties to the usually clean.Big he zhongbang "proposal, chromatic illuminant also makes one of condole top part taboo, if blindly choose the bulb of multicolor, can let whole room produce derange feeling, destroy indoor life atmosphere.
For a room with a higher floor height, in addition to the lighting power supply, video audio circuit and other hidden projects for the location, can be more free to choose arc, circular, square, shaped roof and other ceiling methods and modeling, but also can be divided into two or even multi-level ceiling modeling, and can use a large area of ceiling to reduce the height of the floor.
Condole top prevents craze to notice material and craft light steel keel is more dominant
When indoor and outdoor temperature difference is bigger, the problem that domestic outfit project exposes is much also, to craze problem is more general condole carries on the head character, qualitative technology and construction environment are two big main cause.
The material of condole top includes skeleton material, cladding material, caulking material and condole rod.If the quality of the skeleton material does not meet the requirements, it will directly affect the firmness of the whole skeleton, which is an important reason for the cracking and deformation of the ceiling.For instance the rigidity of keel and condole pole and straightness are insufficient, can produce interior stress, interior stress is in the process that releases plasterboard to be able to produce deformation craze necessarily.
Improper environment is another reason that causes deformation and cracking of ceiling.Humidity is the most important environmental factor affecting the cracking and deformation of paper plasterboard and plywood.There is moisture from all sides in the construction process, so that the plate absorbs moisture around, and in the long-term use and gradually dry shrinkage, resulting in cracks and deformation of the plate joints.Therefore, in the construction should be as far as possible to reduce the air humidity, maintain good ventilation, as far as possible until the concrete moisture content reaches the standard before the construction.
If new home condole carries on the head craze problem, need not panic, inform adornment company undertakes warranty, general home installs the reincarnation test that passes a season, the structure can stabilize come down, won't appear condole carries craze phenomenon again.