Steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine has been designed to produce horizontal roller shutter door slats out of galvanized or prepainted steel strips. A rolling shutter door or roller shutter door is a type of door that consists of many horizontal slats hinge together and the door opens and closes by raising up or lowering down along a rolling shutter door track or guide rails.

drawing of steel rolling shutter slatshutter door

Compared to a traditional door, a roller shutter door has different close or open method. A traditional door is open or method by rotating from 0-90 degress, while a roller shutter door opens and closes by raising up and lowering down, and the ending of a roller shutter is a roundel along which the shutter door will be rolled when raised up.

Another difference is a roller shutter always changes its shapes when closing and openning (a roller shutter door is square or rectangular shape when lowered down to close and it becomes a barrel or drum shape when raised up to open) due to its composition structure; while a traditional door changes only position not the shape itself.

The following are some parameters of steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

Material thickness: 0.8-1.2 mm

Roll station: 14 stations

Motor power: 4+4 kw

Productivity: 0-20 m/min

De-coiler capacity: 1.5Tons

PLC brand: Delta or customized

steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

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