Integrated ceiling keel machine

Integrated ceiling keel  machine can make light steel keel that is a kind of frame used to support the shape and fixed structure. The keel is the skeleton and substrate of the home decoration. It is very common to use and can be designed according to the buyer's sample or drawings.

Some drawing profiles of integrated ceiling keel

profile of Light steel keel forming machine

integrated ceiling keel

Several simple installation methods for the integrated ceiling keel machine:

1. Adopt C-type light steel keel without additional load. This is mainly the main keel of the single-layer structure. Generally, we will link it with a boom or a light hanger, and the lower end will hook the sides of the C-shaped keel.
2. The T-shaped main keel is a lightweight suspended ceiling. We generally use the matching T-shaped keel hanging piece. The upper hanging rod is not connected, and the lower part is clamped with the T-shaped keel hanging piece. Some of them are galvanized iron wire hanging rods passing through the keel. The eyelet hooks are tied and tied.
3. For the keel carrying the load with additional load, the keel hanging piece and the ferrule part of the lower end of the steel bar can be used to link and tighten the nut.
The interface of the light steel keel production equipment is fixed by the T-shaped keel connector, and the secondary keel and the main keel are plugged and connected, and no accessories are needed. If the ceiling has additional load or a large ceiling, U-shaped load is required. After the keel is installed, the U-shaped main keel is connected with the suspender by the U-shaped keel (main keel) hanging piece, and the T-shaped longitudinal keel is connected with the U-shaped main keel by the T-shaped keel hanging piece.

integrated ceiling keel machine