Automatic C steel flying saw cutting

Automatic C steel flying saw cutting

Automatic flying saw cutting, punching C steel Equipment:
From the end of the strip into the device, through a variety of roll pressed into C-shaped steel from the head sent. After gradually improve the production process, and ultimately the whole process automatic control, dramatically improved productivity, increase the technological content and added value of the client device. Improved three-step process to complete. The first step to improve and increase the length of the measuring device and flying saw, when pressed length reaches the set length flying saw action, automatically cut profiles. The second step improvements, plus a dozen side hole hydraulic punching equipment, punching four holes at once, flying saw cut from the middle, thus forming two adjacent C-shaped steel heads, tails two sides of each hole. The third step is to improve, add a device to hit the hole in the strip pressing process set by the user out of the hole spacing, the maximum it can play 16 holes. The fourth step improvements, the requirements for the new C-shaped steel profiles shot holes in the middle of the requirements of the side hole 4 hole 2 hole punching die to die, modify the program to fight side hole, making side hole punching device capable of double play in the middle hole and pitch set by user, maximum 8 groups can play two holes. This will satisfy all the requirements of the C section.

Automatic C steel flying saw cutting
Automatic C steel flying saw cutting main technical parameters:
A: Host:
1. Host Volume: 7.6 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, 0.9 meters high
2. Weight: about 5.0 tons
3. Main motor power: 11kw
4. Reducer: Planetary cycloid reducer
5. Large frame: 350H steel
6. sprocket chain: GB 45 # hardened steel
The thickness 7.: 18mm
8. Spindle: Material: 45 # steel, after quenching from finishing
9. Leveling machine: Seven roller leveler 45 # steel seamless pipe, finishing, made of hard chrome plated
10. Roll the die: all Gr15 (bearing steel) by forging, finishing, quenching (hardness of 50 ° ~ 52 °), keyway cutting line cutting, surface hard chrome plating from
11. The adjustment sleeve: 45 # steel seamless steel pipe finishing, zinc plated, line cutting cutting snap together
12. Roll Rows: 13
13. C-shaped steel Specification: adjust the width: (60 ~ 300) mm vertical wall height (30 ~ 70) mm
14. rollable thickness: (1.5 ~ 3.0) mm
15. The speed can be rolled plates (7-8) m / min
16. Model Replacement: External adjustment nut
II: Flying sawing
17. Volume: 1.3 meters long, 1.0 meters wide, 1.2 meters high
18. Quality: about 0.8 tons
19. The main motor power: 380V, 50HZ, 11KW
20. The pump station power: 380V, 50HZ, 3.0KW
21. Blade: thickness of 3.5mm, high-speed hacksaw piece
22. A hydraulic cylinder: Bore φ80mm, cylinder length 800mm
23. Cutting speed: 2 to 3 seconds / second
24. Large frame: channel steel welded frame
25. The blade guard box: steel plate welded
26. The blade cartridge bearings: 45 # thick-walled steel pipe, made of fine boring grinding
27. The blade shaft; 45 # steel after quenching grinding together
Three: the automatic control system advantages:
1. flying saw punching C steel equipment 7-roller leveling, the flat effect, drive coupling using the activity, and automatically disconnect the host, avoid the synchronization device is running hard to bring
2. Roll Die: The Gr15 (bearing steel), high hardness, wear resistance, generally 2 years no significant wear, hard chrome plated can increase wear resistance
3. Host an external nut adjustment, quick and easy replacement of utility models, the key hook 45 # steel finishing, hardening, cutting lines made of high hardness, never bend
4. Adjust set: The snap-in, easy to uninstall, interchangeability, easy to fall off, easy to replace
6. high degree of automation, save manpower, save time, the material standard


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