Broken U shape roll forming machine

Broken U shape roll forming machine can be used as the main medium-sized industrial buildings by the force structures, such as factories, warehouses, machine garage, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, fairs load bearing roof garden sheds and wall level support. Cold-formed steel is the main material for the production of light steel structure, the use of steel or steel roll forming steel.
It consists of passive loading rack, leveling device, punching device, after forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control systems. This machine adopts automatic flying saw punching, easy to operate features.
U section steel rolling machine equipment of U-beam bending finished with good pressure performance good flatness, automatic fixed-length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, quick and easy installation.

Broken U shape roll forming machine
For checking main parameters of Broken U shape roll forming machine:
Length of the main part:6800mm*800mm*1200mm
Weight of main part: 7.2 tons
Voltage : 380V 50HZ 3Phase
Frame : 400 H steel
Drive mode: differential gear
Main axle material :GR15
Material of shafts: 45# steel
Diameter of shafts: φ80mm
Number of rollers : 12 rollers
Main power: 11kw(cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer)
Forming speed: 8m-10m/min
Adjustment method: Half seams type Looper