Slitting cutter roller machine

Slitting cutter roller machine

The slitting cutter roller machine is used for slitting the steel coil to be small strips with automatic control panel. The features we have is fast speed, high precise, stable performance and easy to operate

Slitting cutter roller machine
The working flow :
Decoiling ---------slitting--------- extension-------recoiler--------unload



5Tons Hydraulic decoiler 1 set  



Standard Configuration

Guiding device 1 set
Main slitting machine 1 set
Cutting device 1 set
Extension device 1set
Recoiler device 1 set

Slitting cutter roller machine

Technical parameters:

decoiler Max coil weight 5ton
Inner diameter 508mm
Max out diameter 1200mm


Slitting device

Slitting speed 0-15m/min
Driving motor 2.2kw
Slitting shaft diameter Ф100mm
Max slitting pieces 10 pieces
Shearing blade material 12CrMoV
Pinching roller 2 couples

Cutting device

Cutting speed 4-5pcs/min(2000mm per pc)
Cutting thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Cutting length 500-4000mm
Cutting station power 3kw
Recoiler system Max coil weight 5ton
Max out diameter 1250mm
Recoiler motor 5.5kw
Recoiler speed 0-15m/min

Slitting cutter roller machine