Guardrail Forming Machine

Express road guardrall panel is made from hot rolled steel strips,and straightened,holes punched,roll formed,and cut to length by WLGR series guardrall roll forming machine. The finished products are of many features. Such as high effiency,high automatization,less labor.and etc.This machine integrates the technologies of cold roll forming,punching,automatic stack,and automatic controlling.
WLGR series guardrail roll forming machine consists of uncoiling system,straightening system,scrao edge cutting,levelling guillotineshearing system,holes punching system,cold roll forming system,cutting to length system,automatic stacker system,electric controlling system,hydraulic system,automatic controlling system,and so on.

Guardrail Forming Machine
Working Flow
Uncoiling-sheet Guiding-Straightening&Levelling-Scrap Cutting-Holes punching-Roll forming-Cut to length-Sheet to support table
Main Technical Parameters

Item Parameters
板型Profile Two ribs and three ribs guardraill
Material Type Steel strip
(mm)Thickness 2.5-4.0
(Mpa)Yield stress 230-300
(m/min)Max.Forming speed 20
Roller material D2
Roller driven type Gimbal transmission
Controller PLC
Operation  Touch screen+button
Hydraulic system pressure 25
Total weight  about 50000