Rib Lath Production Line

Rib lath is a kind of expanded metal lath stiffened with longiudinal ribs. The furring design of the mesh provides efficient background plaster for construction of partition. suspended celings and refurbishment works. The advantage of ribbed lath over metal lathng. that is supporting centers.which can be increased or widened.
Rib lath is ideal for relurbishing those damaged or aged masonry walls. When a key for rendering is not certain,due to disintegration or softening of the wall face, the lath should be fixed with apexes of ribs against the wall,and edge ribs of sheets connected each other,it should be wire-tied every 15cm and ends of sheets should be lapped which not less than 2.5cm.and nesting ribs are securely tied together. Stainless steel fixing should be used at sufficient intervals to hold the lath firnly in position.

Rib Lath Production Line
The Rib Lath Production Line Work Flow:
Decoiling-Punching-Feeding-Expanding&Forming-Shearing the Rib Lath to Cut to Length-Run out table

The full production line include the following components: set of sample decoiler or automatic hydraulic decoiler set of punching machine
3.two pieces of punching moulds. set of expanded and forming machine. set of cutting device. set of automatic stacker or simple run out support table. set of PLC console. set of hydraulic station.