C-beam machine, tile press Q standard for casting

C-beam machine, tile press Q standard for casting

C-beam machines, pressure-like tile confidential to Bid, weight error length dimension error appearance, trachoma porosity, roughness, an appearance like fine roughness Bid, 2 mating surface length dimension error of plus or minus one. 3 roughness, CT9-10 accuracy. Positive and negative slope seam 2MM, near the test preparation process can be put into production use.

1, C-shaped steel machine, roll forming machine, Kok Chi tile press confidential strict accordance with the rules operate.
2, C-beam equipment, lubricating oil ripples tile press motor bearing should be replaced regularly raise, and always check the electrical part of work safety and reliability.
3, Kok Chi tile press regularly check the V-belt, handles, knobs, buttons damage, severe wear should be replaced, spare parts and report added.
4, regular inspection repair switch, insurance, handle, to ensure its reliable operation.
5, before work every day for 10 minutes, the machine tool lubrication and scrub clean the machine.

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