Factors affecting the service life of tile press which

Factors affecting the service life of tile press which

For pressure-watt machine, the life of the hydraulic system is an important manifestation of the comprehensive value of steel tile equipment, one of the main system hydraulic system type tile press in the production and manufacturing process, there will be a few factors that point will cause greater impact, to introduce the following factors tile press life.
a, steel tile equipment hydraulic pneumatic device power and speed. Tile press in the technical parameters, the relationship between power and speed of the rotor to the extent of the impact of hydraulic rod hardened, thereby affecting the life of the hydraulic system, so we have to set the technical parameters within a certain range, can not appear too big or too small situation, thus affecting the service life of tile press.
b, steel tile inside the device size of the gap. Various hydraulic and hydraulic roller gap between the bars should be kept stacked in uniform and consistent, can not appear too close or too far from the case, a pressure a little pressure will lead to the production of the product quality is not balanced so that is what we need to pay attention in steel tile equipment, glazed tile press and other machinery production above are a common occurrence.

c, materials and quality hydraulic system. Structure fabrication of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic axis on mechanical properties after heat treatment. Reasonable scientific manufacture casting process and heat treatment process is an effective method to use when the hydraulic axis prone to breaking solution, after heat treatment of manufacturing raw materials will increase, compact overall increase in raw materials and pressure resistance, to achieve long-term use deformation and fracture of the case does not appear.



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