Strut channels gypsum board ceiling construction program and technology

Strut channels gypsum board ceiling construction program and technology

First, the material requirements Optional Accessories

1. The light steel skeleton sub U-shaped skeleton skeleton T-two, according to the load points and Exalted.
2. The light steel skeleton of the main pieces for large, medium and small keel; accessories hanging pieces, connectors, plug hanging.
3. Components: There boom flower blue screw nail self-tapping screws....
4. Press the cover panel description can choose a variety of aluminum or plastic press pressure every bar on every strip, the material varieties specifications quality should meet the design requirements.
5. Binder: Performance should be the main choice of material, the use of bond before trial.

Second, the main equipment
The main equipment includes: saws, toothless saws, nail guns, hand saws, hand plane, pliers, screwdrivers, move the child, feet, ruler, steel foot level and so on.

Third, working conditions
1. structure construction, should situ concrete floor or precast concrete slab joints, according to the radio room, according to design requirements, reinforced concrete embedded φ6 ~ φ10 boom, when no shot count required by the arrangement position of the embedded steel large keel hanging pole, general spacing why 900 ~ 1200mm.
2. When the ceiling of the room when the brick masonry wall studs is, along the wall to be in and around columns, embedded in the ceiling elevation position when the brick masonry wood preservative, along the wall spacing of 900 ~ 1200mm, the column did not shoot each side should be buried wood briquets two or more.
3. After installation of various pipelines and duct within the ceiling, to determine a good position lights, vents and various Lomond opening position.
4. Gather all the supporting materials.
5. The front cover panel installation should be finished ceiling wall, floor wet work projects.
6. Construction of platform and setting up the ceiling shelves.
7. The light steel skeleton covered a large area in front of the construction should be done model, the degree of arching ceiling lamp slot configuration process vents, and fixed block method shall be approved by the test equipment before and after identification of authorized large construction area.