C steel machine machinery manufacturing craftsmanship lead

C steel machine machinery manufacturing craftsmanship lead

C-beam welding ball node production and test solder balls formed with hot and cold are two ways, the current production of hot-rolled ball more. Detailed steps are as follows: a circular plate material under; hot rolling hemisphere; machining; welding assembly. Produced by hot rolling ball prone to uneven uniform wall thickness, "a tumor" and "flouncing" etc., tile press regulations wall thickness uneven degree of the limit. The ball does not allow "a tumor", "flouncing" should be removed during trimming.
C steel ball roundness (ie the difference between the minimum diameter and maximum diameter), not only affects the size of the assembly, and will cause the node eccentric, it should be within a certain range of grip. Because the rolling die and wear compression ratio discretion insufficient cooling causes, often renders the finished diameter of the ball is too small, and this situation is likely to cause a total grid size is too small to fight. Thus, the grid diameter deviation procedures for the ball but also understand the constraints.

c steel roll forming machine
Bolt ball manufacturing: bolt-rough machining in two ways, one for forging, one for forging. Casting ball prone to cracks, blisters; forging ball good quality, high efficiency, low cost. C-shaped steel rolling machine equipment of C-beam machine finished there is a good bending press can be good flatness, automatic fixed-length cutting, punching initiative, high level of automation, efficient and convenient device, the product can be used as medium and large civil construction industry the main load-bearing structure, such as factories, machines garages, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, fairs trellis roof load bearing wall with the flat support.


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