Vertical cutting punching machine

Vertical cutting punching machine

Light steel keel machine equipment can produce a variety of finished purlin roll forming a single unit, mainly by the screed, passive loading rack, cutting device after forming, punching, hydraulic station, computer control systems and other components. Production of light steel structure is the main material, the use of steel or steel roll forming steel. Wall thickness can be produced by hot rolling method is generally difficult to produce a uniform cross-sectional shape but complex variety of profiles of different materials and cold-formed steel. The product is made of C-shaped steel finished with good bending pressure performance good flatness, automatic punching, high degree of automation, automatic fixed-length cutting, quick and easy installation, it can be used as the main medium-sized industrial civil buildings by the force structure , such as factories, warehouses, theaters, stadiums, hangars, exhibition halls, fairs trellis roof load and load-bearing wall flat support



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