Cold roll forming steel equipment in automobile shipbuilding industry

Cold roll forming steel equipment in automobile shipbuilding industry

The cold bending machine processing has its own processing and manufacturing workshop, with strong mechanical processing and assembly capacity. Advanced technology and strict style of work and ensure the quality of equipment quality. Technology and quality in line with European, similar equipment in Taiwan, but the price is only the same kind of equipment is 1 / 2-1 / 5.
We can produce the products of the roller and the equipment as specified in the following standards:
(1) China National Standard: GB/T13793 GB3640 GB/T3091
(2) British Standard: BS4568 BS1387
(3) American Standard: ASTMa53
(4) German standard: DIN2440
(5) profiles for various types of containers and roll and equipment for cold roll forming
(6) can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements and other non - standard sections of the roller and equipment factory

Is a set of scientific research, development and production for the manufacture of various small and medium-sized enterprises. Specialized in the design, development and manufacture of high-frequency welded pipe mill, cold roll forming unit, unit of light steel keel, keel of the lacquer that bake unit and supporting roller mould. The key technology of complete sets of welded pipe unit has the international leading level, big, small high-frequency straight seam welded pipe mill and square and special-shaped pipe unit. We present the development of cold-formed profiles have: light steel keel, keel of the lacquer that bake, doors and windows profiles, profile automotive, steel and wood furniture profiles, color profiles, stainless steel foil profile, cable bridge, highway guardrail steel structural shapes, construction steel profiles and various profiles of.

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