Some key points in the summer maintenance of light steel keel equipment

Some key points in the summer maintenance of light steel keel equipment

Light steel keel equipment is a kind of cold roll forming equipment, which is used in the production of light steel keel, baking paint keel, keel cassette and various building materials machine is necessary for modern construction industry a machine. In the rainy summer, we have been in that light steel keel equipment how to damp proof, rust proof, in fact, in addition to moisture-proof rust proof, in equipment maintenance and several other points, today we together for everyone to list out, hope you in the normal use of equipment when some attention.


1, in order to avoid equipment failure, we must be in the operation of the process must be strictly in accordance with the normal process;
2, non designated personnel is strictly prohibited operation of light steel keel equipment, must be done away from the machine.
3, in order to reduce light steel keel equipment mechanical parts wear rate, we in the boot before should control the lubrication chart timing, fixed-point, quantitative to machinery and lubricating oil and the lubricating oil must is clean and free of impurities;
4, for the triangle belt, handle, knob, button to check whether the regular damage, if serious wear and tear, and should be promptly replaced by;
5, switch, insurance, handle and so on to regular inspection and repair, to ensure the normal use;
6, 10 minutes before work every day, machine tools need to be cleaned and lubricated;
7, regular replacement of filling motor bearing lubrication oil overflow, and the electrical inspection is often carried out to exclude unreliable safety factors.
In short, if we want to make their own light steel keel equipment or other cold bending forming equipment for longer time, higher efficiency, less trouble, it is best to follow the above points to do maintenance work.