Esquinero profile roll forming machine

The esquinero profile strip is a kind of profile that is used on the wall to make the corners more clean and beautiful. In addition to aesthetics, the esquinero profile strips reinforce the corners at the same time, avoiding dents and other damage in the corners. There are many types of corner bars that can be chosen according to the design of the building and personal preferences. I will introduce the metal esquinero profile and esquinero profile roll forming machine to you.

Check the drawing of esquinero profile

esquinero profile

Main parameters of esquinero profile roll forming machine

Manual decoiler

1).Material coil inner diameter: 480mm-550mm

2).Max coil width: 450mm

3).Carrying capacity: 2500kg

2.5T decoiler

Forming system

1).The materils of shaft:45#steel,outer diameter:40mm

2).Materil of the roller:SKD 11

3).Forming steps:9

4).Power of motor: 4 KW

5).Speed of the machine:15meter/minute

6).Transmission by gear

7).Dimension of the machine: 3.5 M× 1.2 M×1.4 M

8).Voltage: 380v 50hz 3phase

esquinero profile roll forming machine

Cutting system

1).Hydraulic cutting

2).Material of the cutter:Gcr12

3).Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after forming,no distorting or wasting,high level safety factor,will not stop the machine to ensure the speed of cutting.

A video of esquinero profile roll forming machine