Pallet rack upright frame roll forming machine

The pallet rack upright frame roll forming machine is a "Turn-key" production line for manufacture upright columns with slotted assemble holes for the support on the rack shelving system. It is made from  middle gauge steel thickness from 1.2-2 mm. The slotted holes are for the assemble and reset the height of the rack. The roll forming tech is widely used on the selective pallet system, specially the teardrop type.

Some profiles for your reference

pallet upright rack

Parameters of pallet rack upright frame roll forming machine

1) Forming steps: 18 steps
2) Outer diameter: 70mm
3) Machine frame (type): memorial arch frame, Thickness of memorial arch frame: 30mm
4) Roller information:
A. Raw material: GCr12MoV
B. Quenched degree: 56-58°C
5) Shaft material: 45# steel with heat treats and hard chrome plated on the surface
6) Main motor power: 18.5kw, Reducer ratio: 1:14, Reducer Type: Hardened reducer

pallet rack upright frame roll forming machine

Features of pallet rack upright frame roll forming machine

1. material with galvanised steel or cold steel thickness from 1.2-2 mm
2. production speed of struct channel roll forming machine is 8-12 m/min
3. in-line hydraulic press 63 ton to 125 ton capacity
4. precision servo feeder inline for punching
5. automatic "hands-free", PLC control system with touch screen
6. cut to any length by setting on touch screen in PLC system
7. stationary hydraulic cut off make accurate and clear cut punching press is equipped for hole slooting
9. option with flying shear to maximum product output
10. option with multi-profile roll tooling designing for product size changeover
11. option with auto-stacker to minimize operator cost