Steel slitting line

Metal sheets or strips suppliers always need slitting machine and cut to length machine line for the production of metal sheets with different widths or lengths from GI, PPGI or stainless coils in large quantities. A steel mill most of time produces only wide steel coils, and steel or metal fabricators always use a slitting and cut to length machine line to manufacture steel strips with different widths or metal sheets with fixed lengths. A steel slitting line has been designed to cut longitudinally the wide steel coils into different narrow steel strips for continuously producing cold formed sectional steel products.

steel slitting lineslitting line

Layout of complete line

layout of slitting line

Technical parameters of steel slitting line

Raw material specifications:
Raw material:  GI or PPGI
Thickness:   1—5.0 mm
Width:   small than 1250mm
Inner diameter:  500mmmm
Max out diameter:  1500mm
Max weight:  10 T
Finished product specifications:
Width tolerance:  0.5mm
Min slitting width:  30mm
Decoiler specifications:
Max coil weight:   10 T
Inner diameter:   500mm
Max out diameter:   1500mm
Power:   7.5KW
Decoiler speed:  0-30m/min
Slitting device specifications:
Slitting speed:   0-30mm/min
Driving motor:   3.0 KW
Slitting shaft diameter:   Ф100mm
Shearing blade:  12 pieces
Max slitting pieces: 12 pieces
Min slitting width:  30mm
Shearing blade material:  12CrMoV
Pinching roller:  2 couples
Power:  22KW, 380V 50HZ, 3 phase