Safety car plate molding machine

Safety car plate molding machine

Carriage board machine as a cold-formed steel necessary machinery and equipment, widely used in industrial production, which due to the high efficiency, low noise, environmental pollution and widely welcomed by the people, but there is a certain use regulations, only the right to use, can guarantee production efficiency and ensure safety of the operator, then you know something about it? If not, the following article will help you.
Carriage plate forming machine when using the process must be based on material properties and processing of the curvature of a good tune compression speed, in order to prevent breakage of the workpiece splash, must be hand command when people work, the workpiece forward, back when the foreman must stand up to the other staff issued instructions closely aligned with action. It is not allowed to hand out material placed between the roller and the workpiece holder. According to bend the workpiece during machining required to move the top of the pad, the pad in contact with the top of the plug is not less than two-thirds. Contacts the workpiece end and beginning of the support pad support pad should exceed axis away. When bending curvature larger profiles, allowed to stand at the end.

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