Specification and quality problems of light steel keel

Partition keel refers to partition light steel keel, which are used as decoration by most families. In the followings, i will introduce some specification and quality problems of light steel keel to you.

Specification of light keel

The thickness of light steel keel is from 0.4 mm to 2 mm. In general, most people choose light steel keels when using paper plaster ceilings. Thin gypsum board using thin light steel keel, gypsum board thicker with a thicker light steel keel. There are two types of galvanized keel, cold galvanized and hot galvanized. Hot galvanized prices are higher.

partition keel

Should pay attention to the quality problem

1.Wall shrinkage deformation and board surface cracks: The reason is that the vertical keel tightly up and down the keel, did not allow expansion and contraction, more than 2 meters long wall does not control the deformation joints, resulting in wall deformation. A 3 mm gap should be left so that distortions and cracks due to temperature and humidity effects can be reduced.

2. Light steel skeleton connection is not strong, because the local node does not meet the construction requirements, the installation of local nodes should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the map. Pinning spacing, location, connection method should meet the design requirements.

3. Wall coverings are uneven, and most of them are caused by two reasons: one is the lateral misalignment of the keel, and the other is that the thickness of the plasterboard is not uniform.

light steel keel