The difference between C purlin and Z purlin

With the increasing popularity of steel structures, the use of C purlin and Z purlin has also increased. What is the difference between the two? Here we will focus on the differences between c purlin and z purlin.

C Z purlin

1. The angles of Z purlin and C purlin are different. The C purlin is 90 degrees and the Z  purlin is less than 90 degrees. Therefore, when using a screed on a certain slope, it is necessary to consider the angle of the purlin in combination with the knowledge of the rake, and the slope is large and the Z purlin can be used. Take full advantage of its bending performance.

2. Compared with the Z section, the mechanical properties of the C-section and the Z-section are different, and the connection to the steel frame is mostly bolted. The calculation must be based on simple considerations. Therefore, from the aspects of stress state, structure and calculation results, the latter is more reasonable. Therefore, in addition to the needs of door and window openings and other special nodes, Z-sections should be preferred.

3. when the roof slope is small, the modulus of flexural section of Z purlin is slightly larger than that of C purlin, but the difference is not significant. When the roof slope increases, the modulus of flexural section modulus of Z purlin symmetrically increases in the vertical direction. Big. Therefore, Z purlins are suitable for roofs with large slopes.

4.  for the wall, the choice of Z purlin or C purlin does not make much difference, if the purlins want to make a continuous component, the best Z purlins, because of its convenient lap.

Based on the difference between C purlin and Z purlin, you should consider which situation is more suitable to use the C purlin or Z pulin.