Wall Angle Bead Profile Roll Forming Machine

Wall angle bead profile roll forming machine can used to produce angle beads in batch. It is fully automatic. We can control the angle beads length through the PLC controller. If you need the training, we can arrange our engineers to teach you.

There is a machine of wall angle bead profile roll forming machine.

wall angle bead profile roll forming machine

For the wall angle bead, you can know more information in the followings.

The features of metal wall angle bead

1. The metal corner wall angle bead is made of high quality galvanized material on both sides to prevent aging, corrosion and fire, and effectively prevent rust.
2. The precise acute angle dimension design of the metal corner strips avoids the concentrated stress when the corners are impacted, and evenly distributes the external forces to the peripheral edges, effectively protecting the sunken corners from damage.
3. Two types of metal corner strips, punching and expansion, not only facilitate nailing but also make the gypsum board or other adhesive materials in the corner strips more firm.
4. The construction of metal corner strip corners does not rely on wood strips. Primary plasterers can also make perfect corner lines, shorten construction time, and effectively reduce construction costs.

The usage of wall angle bead

The wall angle bead can form a straight edge on the ridgeline of the plasterwork to resist cracking or cracking, and protect and reinforce the most vulnerable part of the stucco. The net wing can be firmly anchored into the plaster on either side of the ridgeline. The full depth of the mud. The corner net is very important for stucco decoration because the corners of the stucco are most likely to be damaged during construction and completion of use, and it can save a lot of time because of its easy construction.