Monotone Type C purlin machine

Monotone Type C purlin machine

First, the main technical parameters
1. Rolling Product specifications: Width 60mm ~ 160㎜ thickness of 2.0 mm ~ 3.0㎜
2. Rolling speed: 25-30m / min
3. The number of molding groups: 12 groups main roll
4. Number of leveling Group: 7 roller leveler
5. The number of transport groups: 2 groups transport
6. Installation form: The arch-style
7. The roller form: using both sides of the split roller
8. Roll Material: GCr15 quenching treatment, HRC58-62
9. Spindle material: 45 high-quality quenched and tempered steel
10. Main motor power: 30KW
11. Hydraulic station motor power: 7.5KW with accumulator
12. cutting: After cutting molding
13. Cutter material: Cr12 quenching treatment
14. The electronic control system: The whole machine adopts industrial computer PLC frequency control
15. Host Dimension: length 9m × 2.3m × width height 1.6m (including the main motor)
16. Total weight: about 95000㎏

Monotone Type C purlin machine
Second, the main characteristics of the structure and composition
Monotone Type C purlin machine is a set of rollers to produce a variety of specifications C purlin roll forming machine finished single aircraft mainly by passive loading rack, loading rack mount, conveyor roller, roller leveling, forming host, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet, finished carriage of several components.
Monotone Type C purlin machine uses both sides of the roller body in the form of points, while fixed, the other side of the overall move, any rapid change stepless width dimension, ie width can be single-digit size changes (such as 60,51,102, .... .160).
Die cutting machine stop using tracking mode, no waste, cutting off a small distortion and high efficiency.
Third, the device production process
Loading a material into the plate (the strip forming machine imported correctly the first roll) 7-roller leveling roll forming (by host 12 of roll molding) cut ----- ------- Tracking finished (the finished material holding bracket by the board)

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