Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine

One of the most common building and construction materials is the steel stud and track.  The machine that is used to form these steel studs and track is the "Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine". Stud and track roll forming machine could be used to make single stud, single track or combined track and stud by one machine. The sizes could be customized according to customer requirements. So if you have some needs about the stud and track roll forming machine, we will try our best to satisfied you.

Steel stud and track systems offer practical and economical solutions for screw fixing plasterboard to internal, non-load bearing partitions, fire and acoustic rated walls, stairwells, bulkheads and corridor ceilings.

And there are some pictures of  stud and track roll forming machine you can reference:

stud and track roll forming machine profile of stud and track


The Stud and track roll forming machine is composed by the following elements: Decoiler, leveling beach, roll forming machine, shearing system, punching unit and runout table.

Option Accessories

Many installations operate at very high speeds. For stud and track roll forming it’s common to reach line speeds of 500fpm or more.  As the forming machine discharges the stud at a high speed material handling equipment is required to stack and package the steel sticks in to bundles. Automated conveyor systems such as the following are typically required.

  • Stacker
  • Bundler
  • Wrapper