U guide roll forming machine

U guide roll forming machine
The u guide made by the u guide cold roll forming machinery.
The u guide connect with the roller shutter door slat,to provide the roller shutter door slip up and down!
We can produce all types u guide roll forming machine. We can custom made the roll forming machine according to customer’s requirement.
We use the enough high quality material for the machine production to ensure our machine more stonger and long life use!


Here the machine pictures for you reference:
Finished product of u guide:

The component of u guide roll forming machine:


3T Manual De-coiler :
Usage:Support the raw material and open the raw material and help the raw material into the machine.
Supporting Weight:3T
Inner diameter:450-550mm
Raw material feeding:
Usage:It is used to level the steel coil and guide the coil into the forming machine system.

Main forming machine (Pictures are just for your reference):
Usage:In order to protect the products shape and precision ,we take use of the welded frame structure.Chain drive transmission.(From The first roller station to the last roller station, the up and down use the chain drive transmission.)
1Shaft & roller material:45#steel
Shaft diameter:60 mm
2.Forming stations:16 stations
3.Chain transmission
4.Forming speed:8-15 m/min
5.Main motor:7.5 KW

The cutting system(The machine pictures just be for reference):
Feature: work stable, Speed and size precision
Operating: PLC control, automatically
1.Hydraulic cutting
2. Blade material :Cr12steel quenching treatment 60-62℃
3.Cutting system:Best quality hydraulic driving, automatically cutting after forming, without deformation and with Operations Security.

Hydraulic stations:
working principle :Hydraulic stations is controlled by the gear Controlled by the gear oil pump。The hydraulic oil into the oil box, and after start the oil pump, the knives start work.
Hydraulic oil:46#
Including:hydraulic box, hydraulic oil pump, two hydraulic tube, and two set of solenoid valve.

Electric system
PLC control system, we will take Datal Different with normal machine, PLC programmed will add cutting and punching control parameters.

The counter
Usage:used to measured the length
The products receiving table
working principle :Made by the steel welding and it is convenient for the products receiving.