Useing of the JCH roll forming machine

Useing of the JCH roll forming machine

Use the JCH roll forming machine must first start the motor idling, unusual view is not the case, the machine into the position of the two plates intercourse, while adjusting the height of the feet on both sides of the roller pressure is not something you want to position.
JCH roll forming machine because it is using more dilute vibration molding concrete material rather than compacted inside the pores more, so poor flexural strength of this pressure-watt machine. The type of tile press very much, Kok Chi tile press is a good performance, using the electronic control system screen display of text, use very simple, beginners can use this tile press, then Kok Chi tile press machine using precautions, what does? EAST pressure tile machinery factory for you in detail.


① Use JCH roll forming machine must first start the motor idling, view is not unusualcircumstances, the machine into two plates intercourse position while adjusting the height of the feet on both sides of the roller is not something to be pressure position.Under general condition
② plate bending width of 11-15 mm in between, otherwise the machine will be very easy to fall off. It must ensure that the two plates intercoursepositions can be tightly buckle together, must not be disengaged, otherwise the machine will be off.

③ start tile press, who must use the machine and walk around, and if the front of thetwo plates have disengaged from the stop plate must be flattened before boot.

④ Since JCH roll forming machine is forming a platen during greater resistance, in order to ensure the life of the motor, please stop after every 30 minutes for 5 minutes.

⑤ use and handling time, can not be bumps wheel, do not use blunt beating wheel.When not used for long each part should be carried out oil lubrication, while the package was better to avoid leakage occurs.

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