Tile press power analysis considerations

Tile press power analysis considerations
1.the electrician is necessary to know the species and plant functional electrical circuits and electrical equipment, electrical equipment is not functioning abundant know, to stop the adventure homework.
2. should be scheduled to view daily Electrical cables, motors, electric console and other equipment status, view found in the title, it is necessary and timely treatment. When viewing the motor temperature, first check without electricity, and then back to the experiment. addition to temporary construction of electricity or temporary measures adopted, the frame does not allow temporary wires, does not allow chaos to hang lights, things look and welders use safety switches and sockets, the original electrical wiring can not change the private line.
4. according to the delineation of electrical equipment inspection maintenance schedule, without having to electrical equipment line to be completely removed.
5.part of the power outage homework, when the electric body near 0.9 m or less from the inspection staff who have to use dry wood rubber or insulating materials for reliable temporary masking.
6. the use of electric things, electric shock and maintenance.
7. the use of ladders, ladder viewpoint between 60 degrees and the situation is appropriate, when using ladders cement situation, there must be ways to slip, and someone hold the ladder.
8. tile machinery of any conductive parts found grounded before power is not cut off, in addition to rescue an electric shock, and will not allow close proximity from four meters outside the interior from 1.8 m to step voltage from injury.
9. when the repair equipment, switches and pull down the knife, and the knife is necessary to hang the switch at the "Suppression of the contract, it was a job," the warning signs on the cover bar and live equipment to stop the passage of the aisle, should hang "stop, high pressure risk" warning signs, work address should hang "should this job," the warning signs.