How to calculate the feeding width of the C purline

An Argentina customer has ordered one set of the C purline machines from us. The C purline machine is now been produced now. The thickness is from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm.
His size is as below:
C purline 80x40x15x1.6
C purline 100x45x15x2.0
C purline 120x50x15x2.0
C purline 140x60x20x2.0
C purline 160x60x20x2.0
C purline 180x60x20x2.0
C purline 200x80x25x2.0

We designed the C purline machine with the spacer adjusting system to change the sizes. The C purline machine we designed for him is with the hydraulic cutting system. The C purline machine including below parts:
The 3 tons decoiler, the beveling system, the cold bending roll forming system, the hydraulic cutting system and the receiving table.
Below is the machine pictures for your reference:

The Argentina customer want to know whats the sizes of the purlines feeding strips width for his 8 size purlines.
Below is the calculating method of the C Purline:

As take above C drawing for an example:
The feeding width W is h plus b plus b plus d plus b subtract 2.0 subtract 2.0 subtract 2.0 subtract 2.0
For example, the C purline 100x45x15x2.0 , the feeding strips width is:
100+45+45+15+15-2-2-2-2 =212 mm
The C purline calculating method is as above mentioned. If you want to know more about other C purlines calculating method and the Z purlines calculating method, kindly contract me, please, i will tell you the exactly calculating method which can help you to by the exactly size the strips as the raw material.