How to do punching fast to match rolling forming machine?

For some special drawing profile with punching holes, we need to do the rolling forming also; some times the working speed can not be fast. By the normal punching machine, the working speed Maxium 25m/min and then together with the rolling forming, the working speed is around 15m/m/.
For those who bought the machine in high speed like 50m/min, if you use the normal punching machine, it will be totally wasted. So here in this article, I will show you one rotary punching machine; the working speed could reach 100m/min. By this way, the working speed the rolling forming machine could reach at least 50m/min. And then working efficiency could be enhanced greatly.
Taking a random punching for example, here I will introduce rotary punching machine briefly:

Here are the rotary punching machine paramters for your reference:

Supported Max thickness 0.64mm to 1.5mm
Supported material coild width 22.22mm to 50mm
Working speed 0 to 100m/min adjustable
Notching pitch 195.2mm
Feeder length 0~9999.99mm
Accuracy ≤0.2mm ±1%.
Electricty 220/ 440V 60hz,3PH
Motor power 2.5 kw
transducer 3kw
reducer speed ratio 40 corner
Feeding coil direction From left to right
Machine size 2000x1600x1300mm
Weight 2000KG

Machine pictures for your reference:

This type rotary punching machine can help you enhance the woring production greatly. And simple change the punching molds, you can make it any type of punching holes.
For this rotary punching machine, if you need to know more, please contact us at any time.