Roller shutter door forming machine

The demand of color steel tile press mainly focuses on medium and large-sized, heavy and other products. Color steel tile press equipment occupies a certain special place in the society. Its special place implies the creation of the pitch for the color steel structure industry. With the constant progress of people's common sense and skills, from people using earth materials to make roofs and roofing tiles to now using color steel equipment to make colorful roofs, there are great parents-in-law. At this point, it seems that the tile press industry will produce high-tech products. The tile press is constructed from colored steel sheet into the desired pattern, so that people can follow their own ideas to design the pattern they want.

This year, there is a huge space for 840 color steel tile press to replace imports. From the point of view of specific products, the import and export deficit of color steel tile press with large market capacity is not large. With the popularization and application of color steel tile, many large industrial and mining plants, warehouses, steel roof trusses and large-scale equipment are now using color steel tile, or even called color steel equipment. It is the glazed colored steel tile equipment, which makes the appearance of our living buildings more colorful, beautiful and neat. These colored tiles are formed by roll forming through the colored steel equipment of tile press (cold bending forming equipment of professional name). The colored steel plate enters the colored steel forming equipment. Through various rolls, the colored tiles are pressed into various kinds of sheets, and then sheared, and processed into suitable sheets that can be used.
Botou Taixuan tile press has the following characteristics: when choosing double-layer hydraulic guide pillar products, select professional manufacturers, product quality is guaranteed, and the price is affordable. In order to pursue a natural feeling of anti-simplicity and authenticity. Product features: strong, durable, once launched, it is well received by domestic and foreign users in the spring, the general construction industry has started, so now production is a good season, sales are very large.

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