Automatic C Stud Roll Forming Machine

Automatic C stud roll forming machine
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Automatic C stud roll forming machine Advantage
The C stud roll forming machine can produce different sizes in the same machine by input data in PLC, it is easy to operate and is accurate.

1. Automatic C stud roll forming machine Working Flow:
De-coiler->Feeding Guiding --->Leveling ----->punching------>Roller Forming ------->Hydraulic Cutting ----->Output Tables

2.Automatic C stud roll forming machine  Techical Parameter

Inner diameter of the coil is 450-550mm
Outside diameter coil is 1500mm
Coil width: 600mm
Coil load: 1.5T

B. Forming device:
Material thickness: 1-3mm
Roller stands: 13
Shaft material: 45# steel outer diameter 80mm
Roller material: 45# steel
Main power: 15kw
Driven type: Chain 2''

C. Punching device
Adopted with 3 independent 4 pillar hydraulic punches.
Length for Punch Table: 6 m
Motor for Hydraulic Punch: 5.5 kw
Hole-Punching Modular: 3 Pics

D. Hydraulic cutting device:
Blade ans mold material: G12 ateel with quenched treated 60-62
Power: 5.5kw
Advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety

E. Controlling system:
Taiwan Taida touch screen
PLC: Panasonic
Automatic length measurement
Automatic quantity measurement
Computer is used to control length and quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop
When required quantity is achieved.
The lenght inaccuracy can be amened easily.