Cable tray rolling forming machine for Hungary

Cable tray rolling forming machine is designed to produce cable trays that are used in different kind of factories and buildings. There are many types of cable trays we can make for you. I will show you some detail information about the machine in the followings.

Check a profile and finished product of cable tray

cable tray profilecable tray

Usage of the cable tray:

The bridges in the building can be erected independently or attached to various building (construction) structures and pipe rack supports. The structure should be simple, beautiful in appearance, flexible in configuration and convenient in maintenance. All parts need to be galvanized. , installed in the open-air bridge outside the building.

Parameters of cable tray rolling forming machine

 Maximum sheet width that can be formed 600 mm
 Maximum sheet thickness in GI Strips that can be formed 2 mm
Horizontal distance between shafts 400mm
 Number of forming stations 10 nos.
Vertical station 3 nos.
Total HP for Line 26
Speed of the machine 5 m/minute
Size of machine L 3,200 x w 1250 x 1100

cable tray rolling forming machinecable tray roll forming line

Features of cable tray rolling forming machine:

  1. operate easily
  2. can make many sizes cable tray by one machine
  3. save cost
  4. machine frame is strong
  5. we can give you the training about how to use the machine

There is a video about the machine we made for Hungary. It can make many sizes cable tray.