Corner Bead Roll Forming Machine

Corner Bead Machine is also called wall angle roll forming machine, it could be used together with concrete to make the wall angle more beautiful and stiff. This corner bead roll forming machine can make the perfect corner bead in batch with high speed. In addition, we made the machine according to your requirements.

wall angle L angle


Different with other rolling forming machines, this one needs more independent pressing machine to punch the holes on the corner bead. Here is some information of the pressing machine.

Pressure of high-speed stamping presses 25T

punching holes machine

Here are the main machine parameters of corner bead roll forming machine for your reference:

1).Roller station:9 stations
2).Shaft material:45# steel
Outer diameter:40mm
Roller material: Cr12MoV
3).Transport:Gear reduction motor and Gear Driving
4).Forming Speed: 12-20m/min
5)Cutting Model:Hydraulic tracking cutting
6)Length Measurement:counter
8)Operation Model:Button + Touch Screen
9).Size of Machine: 3mx1.2mx1.5m
11)Test Material: Q235

punching holes of wall angle machine

There are many types of corner beads for your reference, the making process is same like the above one:

corner bead roll forming machine

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