Features of rolling shutter door

The rolling shutter door body is made of high-quality stainless steel and other materials. It adopts the principle of parallelogram and is flexible. The drive is driven by a special motor, the worm and worm gear are decelerated, and a manual clutch is provided. When the power is off, it can be manually opened and closed. The rolling shutter door is a telescopic shed type, which has the characteristics of stable opening and closing, seeing the door body, and occupying a small space after opening.

rolling shutter doorapplication of garage shutter door machine

Features of rolling shutter door

1. By setting the intelligent infrared anti-climbing device, when the person climbs the door, the system will immediately alarm, thus ensuring the safety inside the door.
2. Special profiles: Adding different geometric shapes and bones to high-hardness zinc-aluminum alloy profiles can greatly enhance its strength. The surface is treated by special electrophoresis, the gloss is infinite, it is not easy to stick dust, it is not corroded by polluted gas, and it will never rust. The new period is long.
3. Engineering plastics: The main plastic parts of the door body (such as the connection between pipe and pipe, plastic parts, movable parts of the door, etc.) are made of high quality engineering plastics (such as PC, PA), high toughness, impact resistance, anti-twist, Wear-resistant, freeze-resistant, light-resistant, not easy to aging, long service life, free from wind, snow, lightning, sun and rain.
4. Unique process production The main frame profile of the door body is made of plastic parts. The screw fixing of the connection position adopts the invisible design to improve the appearance of the door body. The connection between the profile and the plastic parts adopts the processes of punching, pressing and drilling. The structure of the door is firm and there is no solder joint. Cross-connection design: The cross-tube is made of special technology and is equipped with a super-PA wear sleeve. The tight connection with the round tube not only makes the door row structure firmer, but also ensures smoother operation.
5. The characteristics of rolling shutters beautify the environment, improve the appearance of the company, enhance the corporate image; help to create a civilized enterprise, civilized factory, civilized city atmosphere; improve safety, even if there is damage or overturn in the middle of the night, immediately call the police. Rolling shutters are mainly used in living quarters, government schools, enterprises and institutions, etc.