Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine

We are professional in making roller shutter door making machine especially garage roller shutter door making machine.  As we know, cars have become the important vehicle in modern society. So we need to take more measures to protect our cars. The garage roller shutter door is a kind of all. Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine are used to make various type shutter doors which help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and cars.

The following is about Mode: ZTAC-120 series :

drawing profile of garage roller shutter door


Matched with  ZTAC--120 series is specially designed for north African market like Algeria and other country. In those market, the material thickness of making Garage Roller Shutter Door to 1.2mm. So the machine needs to be very strong, we use the gearbox as the transmission. Molding frame as the Garage Roller Shutter Door making frame. So the machine even if handle more thickness or strong thickness material, it also can work very well. 

Here are some pictures of garage roller shutter door making machine for your reference.



garage  shutter door making machine

garage door making machine

Here are some detailed parameters about garage roller shutter door making machine.                     Mode: ZTAC-120 series Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine is composed by the following elements: decoiler, leveling beach,main rolling shutter machine, hydraulic shearing system and autiamtic stacker. 
Machine working speed: 25m/min. 
Roller station: 16
Roller material: SKD11
Control system: Semens PLC
Shearing: servo motor control, flying shearing.


garage roller shutter door making machine

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