Metal Shutter Door Making Machine

Metal shutter door making machine is designed to make the metal shutter doors in batch fully automatic. And the machine can allowed to fully automatic high speed and normal speed.  For the finished product of shutter door, we can guarantee the curve part is round so that it is easy installation and the shape, size are perfect nice. And the roller will not hurt the surface of the coil.

To make you better know the metal shutter door making machine, i will describe it from three parts.

First, i will show you some drawing profiles.

Then you can balance some factors and make a decision. Choose the profile is the first step. An we also need to know the material thickness. It will help us to make a precise quotation.

profiles of metal shutter door

Second, you need to know the working process of this machine.

From the working process, you can clearly know the function of each part in this machine. And it can help you to install the whole line.

working process of metal shutter door making machine

Third, the finished products and metal shutter door making machine

finished products of metal shutter door

metal shutter door making machine

We also have other shutter door machines, such as garage door machine and solid steel shutter machine. And it is a honor for us to give you a reasonable solution when you have the requirements about the machine. Please feel free to contact with us.