T Grid Roll Forming Machine

For meeting with the different requirements from customers, we also manufacture the smaller roll forming machine----light keel roll forming machine. And the T grid roll forming machine is one type light keel roll forming machine. T grid product is the main material of the ceiling, so there is a large needs for the machine. T grid roll forming machine allows you to make main T grid and cross T grid. Each type and each size need one set of roll forming machine.

There are two types for your reference. One is fully automatic T grid roll forming machine with punching holes done by machine itself and the other is half automatic machine, you need to the punching end, holes by hand separately.

Here is the application for the T gird: the main T and cross T combined together to load the gypsum board. The main T need make holes in some place so that the cross T can inset the main T product.

T grid roll forming machine


There are two pictures about the T grid roll forming machine, please check. If you have the requirements, please contact us. We will provide you the professional solution.