Features of rolling shutter door

The rolling shutter door body is made of high-quality stainless steel and other materials. It adopts the principle of parallelogram and is flexible. The drive is driven by a special motor, the worm and worm gear are decelerated, and a manual clutch is provided. When the power is off, it can be manually opened and closed. The rolling shutter door is a telescopic shed type, which has the characteristics of stable opening and closing, seeing the door body, and occupying a small space after opening.

rolling shutter doorapplication of garage shutter door machine

Features of rolling shutter door

1. By setting the intelligent infrared anti-climbing device, when the person climbs the door, the system will immediately alarm, thus ensuring the safety inside the door.
2. Special profiles: Adding different geometric shapes and bones to high-hardness zinc-aluminum alloy profiles can greatly enhance its strength. The surface is treated by special electrophoresis, the gloss is infinite, it is not easy to stick dust, it is not corroded by polluted gas, and it will never rust. The new period is long.
3. Engineering plastics: The main plastic parts of the door body (such as the connection between pipe and pipe, plastic parts, movable parts of the door, etc.) are made of high quality engineering plastics (such as PC, PA), high toughness, impact resistance, anti-twist, Wear-resistant, freeze-resistant, light-resistant, not easy to aging, long service life, free from wind, snow, lightning, sun and rain.
4. Unique process production The main frame profile of the door body is made of plastic parts. The screw fixing of the connection position adopts the invisible design to improve the appearance of the door body. The connection between the profile and the plastic parts adopts the processes of punching, pressing and drilling. The structure of the door is firm and there is no solder joint. Cross-connection design: The cross-tube is made of special technology and is equipped with a super-PA wear sleeve. The tight connection with the round tube not only makes the door row structure firmer, but also ensures smoother operation.
5. The characteristics of rolling shutters beautify the environment, improve the appearance of the company, enhance the corporate image; help to create a civilized enterprise, civilized factory, civilized city atmosphere; improve safety, even if there is damage or overturn in the middle of the night, immediately call the police. Rolling shutters are mainly used in living quarters, government schools, enterprises and institutions, etc.

Roller shutter door roll forming machine

The roller shutter door slat roll forming machine is a simple and flexible production line manufacture of various kinds of metal shutter slat profile for metal door industry.

The roller shutter door slat roll forming machine is available to produce different kinds of roller shutter slat profile in cutomer design, there are many kinds of roller shutter door slats, such as the flat slat, curved slat, perforated slat. For different product volume requirements, a flying-cut and double end decoiler also can be integrated. For perforated slats, a high speed coil punching line is available in-line or out-line operation.

Check some profiles of roller shutter door slat

roller shutter door slat

Parameters of roller shutter door slat roll forming machine

Working  efficiency with punching 12 m/min
Thickness of Material 0.8 to 0.8 mm
Control system PLC
Uncoiler system 3 Ton manual expansion
Forming by rolling Roll 14 Roller station
Roller material Gcr15 quenched
Shaft and the diameter of axle 45#Aluminium processing  diameter of axle=¢50mm
Main part power 4 kw
Hydraulic motor power 3kw
Hydraulic pressure 20Mpa
Scissor material Gcr12MoV quenched
length tolerance ±1.0mm
voltage 380V, 50HZ,3 phase
Driving Method Chain

roller shutter door salt roll forming machine

Features of struct channel roll forming machine

1. material with galvanised steel, pre-painted steel or aluminum thickness from 0.8-1.2 mm
2. production speed of struct channel roll forming machine is 20-25 m/min
3. automatic “hands-free”, PLC control system with touch screen
4. cut to any length by setting on touch screen in PLC system
5. stationary hydraulic cut off make accurate and clear cut
6.in-line punching press is equipped for hole slooting
7. option with flying shear to maximum product output
8. option with multi-profile roll tooling designing for product size changeover
9. option with auto-stacker to minimize operator cost

Steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine has been designed to produce horizontal roller shutter door slats out of galvanized or prepainted steel strips. A rolling shutter door or roller shutter door is a type of door that consists of many horizontal slats hinge together and the door opens and closes by raising up or lowering down along a rolling shutter door track or guide rails.

drawing of steel rolling shutter slatshutter door

Compared to a traditional door, a roller shutter door has different close or open method. A traditional door is open or method by rotating from 0-90 degress, while a roller shutter door opens and closes by raising up and lowering down, and the ending of a roller shutter is a roundel along which the shutter door will be rolled when raised up.

Another difference is a roller shutter always changes its shapes when closing and openning (a roller shutter door is square or rectangular shape when lowered down to close and it becomes a barrel or drum shape when raised up to open) due to its composition structure; while a traditional door changes only position not the shape itself.

The following are some parameters of steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

Material thickness: 0.8-1.2 mm

Roll station: 14 stations

Motor power: 4+4 kw

Productivity: 0-20 m/min

De-coiler capacity: 1.5Tons

PLC brand: Delta or customized

steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

Roller shutters

Roller shutters have many applications, including doors for vans, garages, kitchens, schools, prisons, and warehouses. In some parts of the world, roller shutters are subsidized by local governments. In areas that are frequently exposed to inclement weather, roller shutters are used as a method of insulation, can protect windows against hail damage, and can be made to withstand high wind. If you are a supplier of roller shutter, you have a so big market. As manufacture of roller shutter door making machine, we are responsible for you and our machines, the quality must be best.

Take these finished products for example

roller shutters doorroller shutter

The whole process of roller shutters door making machine

1>uncoiler 2>leveling system 3>roll forming machine 4>shearing system 5> run-out table

About each part, we have a detail introduction about the pictures and function. If you want to know it, just contact us.

Here are some pictures about the roller shutter door roll forming machine

metal shutter door making machine

garage shutter door making machine

Some parameters about the roller shutter machine

Uncoiler: 3 ton

Roller station: 12 stations

Sizes: 4.5 m * 0.8 m * 1.2 m

Structure: Middle plate or verticle frame

Weight: 1.8 ton

Motor: 4kw

Hydraulic motor power: 3 kw

Speed: 0-20 m/min

Once you give us the profile you want to make or finished product of roller shutters, we can customized the machine and give you a accurate quotation. Please feel free to contact with us at any time.

Metal Shutter Door Making Machine

Metal shutter door making machine is designed to make the metal shutter doors in batch fully automatic. And the machine can allowed to fully automatic high speed and normal speed.  For the finished product of shutter door, we can guarantee the curve part is round so that it is easy installation and the shape, size are perfect nice. And the roller will not hurt the surface of the coil.

To make you better know the metal shutter door making machine, i will describe it from three parts.

First, i will show you some drawing profiles.

Then you can balance some factors and make a decision. Choose the profile is the first step. An we also need to know the material thickness. It will help us to make a precise quotation.

profiles of metal shutter door

Second, you need to know the working process of this machine.

From the working process, you can clearly know the function of each part in this machine. And it can help you to install the whole line.

working process of metal shutter door making machine

Third, the finished products and metal shutter door making machine

finished products of metal shutter door

metal shutter door making machine

We also have other shutter door machines, such as garage door machine and solid steel shutter machine. And it is a honor for us to give you a reasonable solution when you have the requirements about the machine. Please feel free to contact with us.

Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine

We are professional in making roller shutter door making machine especially garage roller shutter door making machine.  As we know, cars have become the important vehicle in modern society. So we need to take more measures to protect our cars. The garage roller shutter door is a kind of all. Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine are used to make various type shutter doors which help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and cars.

The following is about Mode: ZTAC-120 series :

drawing profile of garage roller shutter door


Matched with  ZTAC–120 series is specially designed for north African market like Algeria and other country. In those market, the material thickness of making Garage Roller Shutter Door to 1.2mm. So the machine needs to be very strong, we use the gearbox as the transmission. Molding frame as the Garage Roller Shutter Door making frame. So the machine even if handle more thickness or strong thickness material, it also can work very well. 

Here are some pictures of garage roller shutter door making machine for your reference.



garage  shutter door making machine

garage door making machine
Here are some detailed parameters about garage roller shutter door making machine.                     Mode: ZTAC-120 series Garage Roller Shutter Door Making Machine is composed by the following elements: decoiler, leveling beach,main rolling shutter machine, hydraulic shearing system and autiamtic stacker. 
Machine working speed: 25m/min. 
Roller station: 16
Roller material: SKD11
Control system: Semens PLC
Shearing: servo motor control, flying shearing.


garage roller shutter door making machine
If you are interested in this machine or other roll forming machines, please feel free to contact with us.

Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine

Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine

Bending precision
the maximum profile deviations (dimensions and shape) shall not exceed the tolerances specified as following data (or equivalent tolerances)
Maximum production speed
not less than 15 metres per minute (excluding cutting);
Bending quality
ability to bend the profiles of the specified configuration at the specified maximum steel thickness; cracking of the steel or metal coating is not permitted for all required steel grades.
5T manual decoiler
Feeding→roll forming→rectify device→post cutting
2 set
 Hydraulic station
Control desk
Profile& layout
 Yelid strength
Thickness range
Effective width
base on profile
Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine
3T Manual decoiler 
Coil weight (Max)
 Inter diameter
Maximal out diameter
Oil cylinder dia
Coil width (Max.)
Working speed
0-15m/min adjustable
Hydraulic power
Main motor power
4KW AC motor
 Frequency converter brand
Profile steel thickness
between 0.8mm and 1.5mm
 Feeding system
adjustable by hand wheel
 Feeding width range
 Feeding roller
 diameter is ¢56mm, material is ASTM52100, HRC58-62egeree
roll forming
Main motor power
5.5kw, AC motor, side motor to save space
for coil replacement
by chains , Model:1.2inch,
Machine Voltage, Frequency, Phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
Roll station
Shaft diameter
¢65mm material: SAE1045
Working type
up shaft is initiative, down shaft is passive
 rectify device
for revise the end product up and down/ left and right to straightness
Roller material
Roller material: GCR15 quenched 58°-62°finishing turning CNC
Post cutting system
Cutting after forming
Cut the sheet after roll forming to required length
Material of blade
Cr12, 58-62 HRC hardness
 Cutting power by hydraulic
7.5KW with Storage tank
Working pressure
12Mpa adjustable
Length measuring
Automatic encoder length measuring
Working pressure
10-20Mpa adjustable
 Tolerance of length

3000mm+/- 1.5mm

2.0m long*0.3mwide*0.9mhigh
Supporter roller
 ASTM 1045 with chrome
Diameter of rollers
2 units
Hydraulic station
Hydraulic power
Working pressure
12-20Mp adjustable
Solenoid valve
6 groups (one for cutting)
Hydraulic oil
46# hydraulic oil
Control desk
Operating system language
English and Chinese
Voltage, Frequency, Phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
Control panel
Button-type switch and touch screen
Unit of length
millimeter (switched on the control panel)
PLC brand
 Frequency converter brand
Touch screen
Taiwan Weinview

Steel Plate Roller Shutter Door Frame Cold Roll Forming Machine

Aluminium Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Aluminium Gutter Roll Forming Machine

The followings are some information about the aluminium gutter roll forming machine for your reference.

If you are interested in this, please send your detail requirements to us.

I will show you more detail information about the machine in the following.

Main Features
1.machine adopt advanced technicall
2.high quality of the structure
3,one year warranty
4.more the 10 years experience

Aluminium Gutter Roll Forming Machine








3T hydraulic decoiler
Coil weight (Max)
Inter diameter of coil
Working by hydraulic pressure
8-12Mpa with connect with the decoiler hydraulic unit
Working lift journey
Maximal 250mm
Working function
forward and reverse movable
Move journey
maximal 2 meters








Forming Section
 Roller material
ASTM1045 chrome plated surface with chrome,CNC,
Thickness range
Main motor power
5.5kw, AC motor, motor inside of main machine
Roll station
about 16 stations (according the final design)
Shaft diameter
 Machine roll forming speed
 not less than 12m/min
by chain, one inch, Single line









Post cutting system
Material of blade
Cr12, 58-62 HRC hardness
Cutting power
hydraulic, 5.5KW
Working pressure
12Mpa adjustable
 Length measuring
Automatic encoder length measuring
Tolerance of length
+/- 1.5mm for each piece end product
The cutting sequence is also contained and controlled by the same PLC program

Aluminium Gutter Roll Forming Machine

rolling shutter machine manufacturer

rolling shutter machine manufacturer

Equipment technique requirement:
Equipment floor space: 23×3.0×2.5(L×W×H)meter.
Equipment feeding material the orientation: The left side enter and right leave.
Voltage: 380V,50Hz,3phase.
Hydraulic oil : NO: .46#
Gear oil: 18# Hypoid dear oil
Equipment main technical parameters:
Raw material width: around 196 mm
Material thickness: G.I=0.7~1.2mm
Material: Galvanized and stainless sheet
Production speed: around 6M/min
Production length: ≥3000mm
Equipment total installed capacity: Around 20KW.
Roll forming production scope
This rollforming machine can be make the thickness from 0.8mm to 1.2mm
Parameters of main equipment:
1 – De-coiler
Material width:≤250 mm, Material thickness≤2.0mm;
Inner diameter:480-520 mm;
Outer diamete:φ1200mm;
Max. Load capacity:≤2T
2 – Leveling system
Use 9 roller leveling,
Power 2.2 kW,
Speed: 10M/min

3 – Servo feeding system
BNC-30Technical parameters:
The feed shaft diameter:φ60mm
Measuring diameter of shaft:φ60mm
Maximum feed plate of width:≤300mm
Maximum feed plate of thickness:≤2.5mm
Maximum feed speed:≤40m/min
Feeding and blanking step length tolerance:±0.20mm
Feed products overall length tolerance:±0.25mm
Servo motor power/brand:1.3KW/Japan Yaskawa
TransmissionSynchronous wheel / gear
Length measuring encoder: ROUNDSS 2500P
4- Notching, punching hole and cutting
Structure: hydraulic punching structure,the welded steel frame, has good inflexibility
First notching dies: 2 sets
First punching die:1 set
After forming notching dies:2 sets
After forming cutting die:1set
5 – Main rollforming machine
Forming steps:14 group
Forming framework: use the wall type side plategear drive
Side wall thickness:25mm
Max material width:≤196mm
Min material thickness:0.7mm
The roll shaft diameter:φ48 mm
Roller material:Cr12MoV,the quenching hardness,HRC58-62°
Use of double bearing design, bearing type 6208
The main drive motor uses 5.5kw frequency conversion motor.

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine

The shutter door can be used for specially equipped vehicles, fire engines, rescue vehicles and bottle cars. The lightweight, thin type shutter can be opened and closed smoothly with no noise. We also can see the shutters door in shops and warehouse. Technical Parameters of steel shutters door frame tile making forming machine (depending on specific requirements of users)

Suitable steel plate Type Color steel plate
thickness 0.3-1.2mm
Feeding width As users needs
Effective width As users needs
Production speed 8-12m/min
Roller stand 14 rows
Diameter 52mm
Main power 3kw
Pump power 3kw
Side panel of machine 14mm
Roller material Carbon Steel 45#
Blade material Cr12, qunched, Cr-plating size 0.05mm
Control system PLC Delta Inverter
Main structure of the machine 300mm H-Beam

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine

Features of shutters door:

  • The shutter is light and thin, and the waterproof seal is built in.
  • Less noise and the door opening and closing is smooth.
  • The shutter is wound up to the top, so that the work can be done even in a narrow space.

Steel Shutters Door Frame Tile Making Forming Machine Components

No. Item Unit Qty
1 Manual decoiler set 1
2 Main roll forming machine set 1
3 PLC control box set 1
4 Supporter table set 1