Octagon pipe roll forming machine

An octagon pipe roll forming machine is an equipment that manufactures the octagonal axes of roundel for rolling shutter doors that is assembled by steel slats or metal sheet panels.

octagon pipe roll forming machine

As its name shows, Octagonal tube is new type building material. Octagonal Tubes are widely used in petrochemical, power plant depressurization, aerospace, ships, machinery, communications, electronics and other fields. In the market, there are two types Octagonal Tubes, seamless and interlocked. The seamless Octagonal Tube is also made by cold draw pipe making machine. Here I will mainly show the interlock Octagonal Tube pipe with the interlocked seam. Here are tube pictures for your reference:

octagonal tube

The raw materials for octagon pipe usually are galvanized steel or cold rolled steel of thicikness 0.4-0.8mm and the widths depend on the required octagonal pipes or tubes that is used as the axes of rolling shutter roundels.

An octagon pipe roll forming machine usually consists of a manual decoiler, a pressing unit for holes, a roll forming unit, a cutting unit, control unit, and transmission unit. It can be running both automatically and manually under the PLC computer control system.

Parameters of Octagon pipe roll forming machine

Elements of octagon pipe roll forming machine

octagon pipe forming machine          octagon pipe roll forming machine

 Here is a video about the octagon pipe making machine

Steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine has been designed to produce horizontal roller shutter door slats out of galvanized or prepainted steel strips. A rolling shutter door or roller shutter door is a type of door that consists of many horizontal slats hinge together and the door opens and closes by raising up or lowering down along a rolling shutter door track or guide rails.

drawing of steel rolling shutter slatshutter door

Compared to a traditional door, a roller shutter door has different close or open method. A traditional door is open or method by rotating from 0-90 degress, while a roller shutter door opens and closes by raising up and lowering down, and the ending of a roller shutter is a roundel along which the shutter door will be rolled when raised up.

Another difference is a roller shutter always changes its shapes when closing and openning (a roller shutter door is square or rectangular shape when lowered down to close and it becomes a barrel or drum shape when raised up to open) due to its composition structure; while a traditional door changes only position not the shape itself.

The following are some parameters of steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

Material thickness: 0.8-1.2 mm

Roll station: 14 stations

Motor power: 4+4 kw

Productivity: 0-20 m/min

De-coiler capacity: 1.5Tons

PLC brand: Delta or customized

steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine

Metal stud furring channel roll forming machine

The metal stud furring channel roll forming machine has been designed for the manufacturing of hat shaped furring channels. And the hat shaped furring channels used to build lightweight or light gauge steel buildings.

Being one of the roll forming machines for the production of lightweight or light gauge steel frames, a stud furring channel roll forming machine or hat channel roll forming machine produces metal furring channels or hat channels continuously and automatically from galvanized steel of 0.4-1.0mm thickness as main components of steel roof trusses on lightweight or light gauge buildings.

meta stud furring channelhat shaped furring channel

On a heavy gauge metal or steel structural building, people always use C steel purlins or Z steel purlins to build the steel frames and roof trusses, while Metal furring channels or roof channels climb to the top of components lists for roof trusses of lightweight or light gauge steel frames.

The metal furring channels or hat channels are produced from thin galvanized steel (0.4-1.0mm thickness) by roll forming machines and a metal furring channel or hat channel roll forming machine, like other lightweight or light gauge steel frame roll forming machines, generally consists of a manual decoiler, a feeding unit, an embossing rolling tool, a roll forming unit, a cutting unit, a transmission system, a cutting unit, a hydraulic oil pump, a PLC control system and runout tables.

The followings are some brief information about the metal stud furring channel roll forming machine

Roll station: 14 stations

Motor power: 3+3 kw

Productivity: 0.-25 m/min

De-coiler capacity:1.5 Tons

PLC brand: Delta or customized

Cutting type: automatic hydraulic

Hole &LOGO is available

metal stud furring channel roll forming machine

We also can customize the metal stud furring channel roll forming machine, please feel free to contact with us.

Crash barrier roll forming machine

The crash barrier roll forming machine has been designed for producing w shaped guardrails with 2 wave and 3 waves or thrie beams placed on both sides of highway or expressway.

MTC designs and manufactures crash barrier roll forming machine for the making 2 waves or w beam and 3 waves or thrie road beam guardrails or guard rails. Typically one crash barrier roll forming machine produces only 1 type of guide rail. However, it’s technically available to make both 2 wave and 3 wave guard rails on the same machine.

The crash barrier roll former can work fully automatically from material feeding, punching holes , roll forming and cutting under control of PLC computer system. The produced crash barriers or guard rails have been applied for road or mostly highway/expressway construction.

In most of time, people use 10 gauge high-tensile galvanized steel (some with colour painted) to produce highway guardrails! At beginning, there are only 2-wave or w shaped beams with a two-rib corrugated design (with two secondary ribs). While in some other occassions, people must develop higher-tensile crash barriers with higher strength, and then we have 3 wave highway guardrails now.

crash barrier roll forming machine

This 3 wave or three beam crash barrier roll forming machine is a cost-effective and heavy duty production line. It produces 3 wave guard rails fully automatically and continuously out of galvanized steel (sometimes cold rolled steel) of 2-3.5mm thickness  in the same way as a 2 wave or w beam highway guardrail roll forming machine does, from material feeding all the way until running out from the main machine.

guardrail making equipment

Roll forming machine

Roll forming, also spelled rollforming or roll-forming, is a continuous bending operation in which a strip of metal (typically coiled steel or aluminum) is passed through consecutive sets of rolls, or stands,

each performing only an incremental part of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained. Roll forming is ideal for producing parts with long lengths or in large quantities with a minimum amount of handling as compared to other types of forming (i.e. press brake).

A variety of cross-section profiles can be produced, but each profile requires a carefully crafted set of roll tools. Design of the rolls starts with a flower pattern (see illustration below), which is the sequence of profile cross-sections, one for each stand of rolls. The roll contours are then derived from the profile contours. Because of the high cost of the roll sets, simulation is often used to validate the designed rolls and optimize the forming process to minimize the number of stands and material stresses in the final product.

principle of roll forming machine

Roll forming machines are now being produced so that for similar products with only a change in part width such as stud and track profiles, a new set of profile rolls is not required. This is achieved by the mill being split along its center line and the web, flange and return sizes are set using a control panel that moves the mill rafts centrally to increase or decrease the aforementioned features.

Roll forming lines can be set up with multiple configurations to punch and cut off parts in a continuous operation. For cutting a part to length, the lines can be set up to use a pre-cut die where a single blank runs through the roll mill, or a post-cut die where the profile is cutoff after the roll forming process. Features may be added in a hole, notch, embossment, or shear form by punching in a roll forming line. These part features can be done in a pre-punch application (before roll forming starts), in a mid-line punching application (in the middle of a roll forming line/process) or a post punching application (after roll forming is done).


All kinds of decoiler

As a professional manufacture of making roll forming machines, we can provide you various kinds of roll forming machine. In addition, we also can provide you all kinds of decoiler.  Most cold roll forming machine need the decoiler to load the coil and uncoil it in a turntable way. I will introduce you some decoilers in the followings.

Manual decoiler

Feature: it is ecnomic and with low price. But it has no active rotation, passive stretching by roll forming machine. In addition, it has different max weight.

manual decoiler

Hydraulic decoiler

Feature:it can automatically rotate forward and reverse. It can be automatically adjusted according to the inner diameter of steel coil. The supporting arm and pressure arm can fix the steel curling material to prevent it from loosening and falling. But it has high price and need more space.

hydraulic decoiler

Motor decoiler

There is a motor active drive, forward rotation and reverse rotation by the motor drive, reduce the load of the machine on the unwinding machine when working with the machine.

motor decoiler

In order to make the life of the decoiler more durable, we need to carry out daily maintenance carefully. The steps are as follows:
1. Lubricate each oil cup lubrication and artificial lubrication point as required.
2. After the power is turned on, perform the upward and downward movements of the lower roller in both directions and the upper roller to check whether there is any abnormal jamming in each movement.
3, strictly according to the uncoiler coil processing procedures and operating methods to operate, in the upper roll up and down to the limit position, we must pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.
4. When the main drive is stopped, the upper roller can be lifted and lowered to reverse the tilting of the bearing and tilt the upper roller.
After the uncoiler has finished its work, it is necessary to clear the site after the completion of the work, and to maintain the equipment well and shut down the power in a timely manner.

C/Z/U section purlin machinery

CZU section purlin are widely used in in many industries such as construction, house decoration, etc. It has high strength, thin thickness. Upon request we can provide custom sizes and provide them punched and un-punched.  Our CZU section purlin machinery can produce the CZU section purlin in batch with a stable speed. Take a random drawing profile for your reference.

CZU section purlin

The chart of CZU section purlin machinery

chart of CZU section purlin machine

The pictures and parameters of the machine

C/Z/U section purlin machinery

Parameters of finished product

Raw material:galvanized/carbon steel coil

Material thickness: 1.5-3 mm

Material width: 200-600 mm

Effective width: 80-300 mm

parameters of machine

Dimensions: 9500*1500*1400 mm

Structure: Verticle frame

Roller material: Gcr15

Shaft diameter: 76 mm

Cutter material: Cr12MOV HRC 58-62

Cutting system: Hydraulic

Control system: PLC

Our C/Z/U section purlin are accurately roll-formed from high strength raw material to provide an efficient, lightweight, economical roofing and cladding support system for framed structures. If you have the requirements, just send your requirements to us. We will design the machine according to your demands.

Product feature and usage
The products of CZU section purlin forming machine have excellent anti-bending property and are easy to install. They are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden and so on.



Ceiling T type keel roll forming machine

Ceiling T type keel roll forming machine is a professional machine to produce ceiling t type keel in batch. The T-type keel ceiling is a new type of lightweight decorative structure. It is a new type of roof system that is composed of an aluminum alloy keel as the supporting skeleton and a decorative cover panel. For making the whole set ceiling T gird, you need to make main T, cross T and wall angle roll forming machine. The machine is composed by the following elements: decoiler, hydraulic punch press, feeding device, roll forming machine, straightening device, hydraulic cutting off, cold water recycling device, pneumatic and electric control system, etc.

Here is the some drawing profiles of ceiling t type keel

T type keel

Features of  ceiling T type keel roll forming machine:

  1. Full automatic and fast speed.
  2. Low energy consuming, no matter from workforce or electricity.
  3. Easy to operate, normally speaking one week then you can learn how to run it.
  4. The main T grid made by our machine is beautiful in shape and solid when using.

Here is a picture of ceiling t type keel roll forming machine for your reference

ceiling t type keel roll forming machine

Parameters of this machine

Material thickness:0.3-0.6 mm
Roll station: 16 stations
Motor power: 7.5 kw
Productivity: 30 m/min
Type: automatic


CZ structural purlin making machine

The CZ structural purlin making machines are specifically used to manufacture multi-size C and Zpurlin channels, We manufacture Automatic and Semiautomatic type CZ interchangeable Purlin Machines according to your requirements.
The first one is Automatic Interchangeable CZ machine with the advantage of Easy to operate PLC based system used to change between C and Z purlin in an instant without any hustle.

Show you a profile and finished product of c purlin and z purlin

CZ profilec-z-purlin


Parameters of CZ structural purlin making machine

Raw material: Galvanized

Material thickness:1.5-3.0 mm

Manual uncoiler capacity: 5T

Forming steps: 19 steps

Shaft diameter: 90 mm

Machine frame: 400 H steel middle plate welded

Roller material: Gcr12 steel

Shalt material: Cr40

Work speed: 15 m/min

CZ structural purlin making machine

CZ structural purlin making machine is a single roll forming unit that can produce a variety of specifications of CZ type purlin products. It is characterized by automatic flying saw punching and easy operation.
The finished CZ purlin products rolled by CZ structural purlin making machine have good flatness and good flatness, automatic fixed length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, quick and easy installation, and products can be used as the main body of large and medium industrial civil buildings. Forced structures, such as factory buildings, warehouses, garages, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, bazaars, roof load bearing and wall support.

Metal c stud used in drywall

Metal c stud is  used as the vertical support in drywall, available in a range of widths, lengths and thicknesses depending upon the walls requirements for strength, height, impact resistance and sound insulation. Many people prefer to use it because it has so many features.

Features of metal c stud

1, its own lighter weight. metal c stud is a lightweight material.
2, excellent fire performance.
3. The construction efficiency is high.
4, the structure is safe and reliable.
5, good impact resistance.
6, good seismic performance.
7, can improve the insulation, sound insulation effect and indoor utilization.

metal c stud50x32mmmetal c stud

Paramaters of metal c stud making machine

Machine size:3800х1200х1400
Weight of main part: 3 tons
Roller fixer : Guide column
Memorial arch frame type
Frame thickness:25mm
Drive mode: gear
Material of rollers: GCr12MoV
Material of shafts: 45# steel with tempering
Diameter of shafts: φ40mm
Number of rollers : 10 rollers
Main power: 3kw

metal c stud machine

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